The thing people who dont like to exercise dont understand

So much of what enjoying life is about is finding balances. As biological creatures we have an array of different needs. Everybody’s balances of needs are different, but for most people they are pretty similar. everybody has a desire for a certain amount of social interactions, or mental stimulation, and of course, exercise and rest.

People that claim to not enjoy exercise only think about the physical distress during a workout. They think, working hard with my body hurts. why would I voluntarily subject myself to that. Those are the same people that have trouble sleeping, or are restless.

There is nothing quite like relaxing after a hard workout. It feels great, it feels like you are recharging your body. There was a time in history when physical activity was necessary for survival. If you didn’t use your body to obtain food, you wouldn’t survive. And if you couldn’t rest to recharge after physical activity, you also wouldn’t survive. In modern society’s this is no longer the case.

Modern society has made it very easy to get by with barely needing to use your body. many people associate rest with comfort, and exercise with pain. For people that enjoy intense exercise, they associate pain with comfort. For most people, the gratification from working out doesn’t come while they are actually working out. It comes afterwards.

Our bodies have not evolved to the rapid change in technology which we are accustomed to. our body expects us to use our bodies to survive. Therefore, if people dont push their body’s to a certain point, their mental well being will suffer. Their rest will suffer. If all somebody does is rest, their balance of rest and physical activity will be off. So there rest wont be nearly as enjoyable.

Thats really what it comes down to. people that claim to not like working out dont understand how much exercise boosts their quality of rest. It makes it feel so much better. Its about finding the right balance. For just about everybody, their balance of rest, and physical exercise should include a certain amount of exercise. because if all you do is rest your body, then your not going to feel very good. Just as if all you do is exercise your body, then you also wont feel very good.

For people that claim to not like exercising, I suggest at least giving it a legitimate chance. Dont think about how tiring it is, think about how good it will feel to relax afterwards. Think about how much more rewarding relaxing will feel when your body actually needs it. Some people will find enjoyment in the moment while they are exercising. But for most, the mental benefits will come afterwards. If all you do is rest your body, your rest will suffer. And your missing out.


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