There is nothing wrong with getting high and playing video games. A rant about Tom Brady’s retirement

There is nothing wrong with getting high and playing video games. Absolutely nothing. As long as it’s done so in your free time and isn’t interfering with your basic responsibilities.

Hey. By the way Did you hear Tom Brady retired? That NFL quarterback. That guy who is really good at throwing balls. Known as the best ball thrower in the history of the NFL. Yeah that guy. He takes throwing balls very seriously. Trust me, I would know. I read his book. “The TB12 method”. It was a book about applying his methods to improve the health and function of your body. After reading said book it is clear he made many sacrifices to improve his ball throwing. He incorporates an insanely strict and meticulous diet and workout regimen that is probably unsustainable for 99% of the readers.

He is clearly obsessed with being the best ball thrower possible and wants his readers to also improve their ball throwing by applying his methods. Or does he? Well actually, now that I think of it, he certainly advertised his products a lot. His ridiculously priced foam rollers and health supplements are brought up constantly, clearly to the detriment of the quality of the book. The back of the book his filled with positive customer reviews for his TB12 products. Yep. Customer reviews. In a book. Absolutely ridiculous. Making it abundantly clear he could care less about helping any of his readers and just wants you to buy his shit. Increasing his already massive net worth. His net worth currently listed at 512 million by the way. And apparently that’s not enough. Shortly after his second retirement he has signed a TV deal with Fox. For many millions of dollars. The guy played 23 years in the NFL, made a fortune, and cant even go a month into his retirement before signing a contract to once again become an employee.

If you don’t mind me asking, Reader, (assuming anybody actually reads this) if you had a net worth of 512 million dollars, would you be actively seeking employment? seeking to have a boss dictate your life? Yeah I don’t think so. I sure as hell wouldn’t. No matter how cushy and high paying the gig was. If he wanted to talk about sports for fun, he could do his own thing, start a youtube channel. Play by his own rules. But no. That’s too laid back apparently. He needs to make 8 or 9 figures. Increase his already massive net worth.

And listen, I’m not even trying to hate on the guy, even if it sounds that way. None of this makes him a bad person. He is just an extreme person. The type of extreme person that is so damn competitive and obsessed with being the best, that he ends up as the greatest quarterback of all time. The type of person that want’s to swindle your money into buying his Tb12 products, and the type of person that wants a job when he already has a fortune. It’s just how he is wired. So if your reading this and your frustrated with the fact that your not actively “Achieving something” or “being productive” with your free time, and you would prefer to just relax, get high, play video games, eat a bunch Cheetos or whatever, don’t worry about it. There’s nothing wrong with you. Tom Brady probably wishes he could copy your unproductive behaviour. But he can’t. So be grateful that you can, and stop listening to close minded people that say you need to change into something your not. You don’t. It’s bullshit.

Motivational content is toxic

Lately, when I have been surfing through YouTube, trying to find interesting videos to help me waste time, I have stumbled upon some motivational videos.

Motivational content creators lure you in with clickbait titles like: “the number one secret to success”, or “the advice that got me from rags to riches”.

And the clickbait is effective, these types of videos generate a lot of views.

When they clickbait viewers into thinking these status icons, like a Tom Brady, are telling you their secrets to becoming successful, its enticing. It really makes you want to watch the video.

if you watch a few of these videos, you learn pretty quickly that their not actually sharing “secrets” to success (obviously). Because there aren’t any (obviously).

The message in the actual content of these videos is very clear, and concise. It’s all of the cliché mantras for self improvement like “outwork everyone”, “dont listen to naysayers”, or “dream big”.

These three mantras practically summarize the entire premise of all motivational content.

These mantras aren’t necessarily bad pieces of advice, I guess.

These motivational content creators would have you believe that if you could just “work hard”, “dream big” you could drastically improve your quality of life, and be living more like the highly accomplished celebrities featured in these types of videos.

My issue with this message is that it contributes to the false sense of entitlement that’s so frequent with young people in todays day and age.

The concept that you should aspire to be famous, or a billionaire, and that level of status is what’s missing in your life, is absolute bullshit. It’s a trick.

For 99.9% of people, these goals are not only unattainable, but undesirable.

There’s a reason most people aren’t spending 60 hours a week working towards becoming the next billionaire, trust me its not because they aren’t watching enough motivational videos.

status icons like Tom Brady, or Elon Musk, aren’t normal. Working hard enough to be like them is not normal. You dont want to be like them. You cant be like them.

What gets highlighted in motivational content is the spoils of the success of somebody like Tom Brady. They show you all of the fame, all of the fortune, and all of the admiration, but none of the sacrifice.

For 99.9% of people, if they could make all of the sacrifices that Tom Brady makes to be like Tom Brady, they wouldn’t want to be like Tom Brady. Most people just aren’t that driven, and that’s fine.

Most of us are just normal. There are more positives than negatives to just being “normal”, or “average”.

For views, motivation content creators would have you believe that you should aspire to be special, and if you work hard enough, you can be. its a toxic message.

A lot of people feel they are missing something, its how we are wired. It’s easy to brain wash people with the glamour of elite status. It looks so exciting compared to your life.

This sort of mindset prevents people from working towards what’s best for them. What is actually realistic. It creates a sense of entitlement because your not living like the celebrities featured in these videos. Although you could be, if only you could “work hard”, “dream big”.

Everyone wants to think that their special, your not, its fine. A lot of those celebrities that you look up to, that are actually “special”, are even more miserable than you.

Being normal is underrated. Don’t watch motivational videos.