The pursuit of happiness is a silly movie

Yesterday I was scrolling through Netflix, and I decided to re watch the movie the pursuit of happiness, starring Will Smith. For a movie that’s intended to be a inspirational story, I found it’s message to be silly. Try and put yourself in the main characters shoes, you have a young kid, your severely struggling, your in a business venture that is an utter failure, your one unexpected expense from being forced onto the streets, what would you do? Does it sound like a good time to take an unpaid internship? An unpaid internship with very little prospect of being offered an actual job, that requires the majority of your time. Does that sound like a good idea? If your answer is yes, you are, in my opinion, an idiot. And your wife should leave you too. How could you blame Chris’s wife for leaving him? It was the sensible thing for her to do. Perhaps he should have got a job with an actual pay check, is that such a wild idea? Maybe that way his kid wouldn’t go hungry, or have to spend the night in a public restroom. A guy in that situation should be doing everything he can to provide for his family. Not taking unpaid internships. And yes, it works out, and it’s just so happy, but it wasn’t necessary. There’s no reason he needed to put his family in such a vulnerable position. Especially for a guy that’s supposed to be smart. If your intelligent, and dedicated, you can make it in any industry. There’s not some one job that’s going to magically change your families trajectory, that’s worth sacrificing everything for. Sacrificing your families safety for a job, just because you have some inflated idea of it in your head is not inspiring, it’s pathetic. And I’m not trying to insult the real Chris gardener, even though this movie was based on a true story it is still just a movie. The real story could have been completely different.

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