Random thoughts on tv show mad men

I have spent quite a bit of time lately watching the Tv series Mad men. I really enjoy it. I wish I could explain eloquently why I enjoy it so much. Perhaps I could talk about how I love the depth and development of it’s characters. Or the romantic portrayal of the era it represents. But trying to convince anybody those are the reasons just feels like I am trying to convince myself. I don’t know why I enjoy it so much. I just know I like watching it. It’s like the part of my brain that need’s rational explanations just turns off. Ah, good old mindless pleasure. can’t get enough of it, and always fighting myself to get less. I’m sure there is a perfect balance. Usually when I throw myself into an abundance of mindless pleasure, I stress about how unproductive I have been, and if I make more sacrifices to work more towards my goals I wonder why I am forcing myself to take so little pleasure from life. It feels like an evil cycle that ensures I never take any enjoyment from anything. Like I am always chasing something that stays a mile away no matter what direction I go. kind of like Don Draper, I suppose. (The main character of the show). Chasing woman, admiration from colleagues, love from those closest to him, a fresh start. Don chases pleasure from just about every source imaginable. And all of it just continues him on a endless cycle. Is that why I like the show so much? Because I can relate to the flaws of it’s main character? Sorry. I’m not sure that’s the reason either. Convincing you of that still feels like I am trying to convince myself. I guess I will give up. Perhaps the only explanation I need for why I like it so much is the fact that I like it so much. Works for me. Perhaps Don doesn’t know why he likes advertising so much either. Cant say I relate to Don on that one. That always did strike me though. Why would someone who is hopelessly chasing something never consider making a career change? I doubt it would have made a difference for him but you would figure he would at least try at some point. he made changes to all other aspects of his life. Whatever. I am going to go watch more mad men. Bye.